10 Ways to Connect to Your LGBTQ+ Teen  

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  • The secret to finding common ground in the face of uncertainty
  • 3 things you MUST do before you start any conversation with your LGBTQ+ teen
  • 3 ways to create safety so your teen can tell you anything.  

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"Your teen not only has the typical teenager worry and stress, they are also carrying around the weight of challenging the status quo with their gender or sexual orientation or both. If you are reading this, they have already stepped courageously out (whether to themselves, you, a small core group, or the world), and you find yourself on a perhaps unexpected journey with them.

Whether the journey is expected or unexpected, you may be confused and grieving the loss of the future you had envisioned for your child...even if you didn't know you had those expectations. You are worried about their safety, their mental health and, most of all, if they will be happy. They may have pulled inward for protection, or just to have space to process. Instead of having this be the occasion for the gap to grow ever wider, use the "10 Ways to Connect to Your LGBTQ+ Teen" Guide to develop a deeper, richer conection with your teen as you both navigate this new path forward.

Understanding what you need to do BEFORE you start any conversation to create a safe space for your teen to share is the first secret to connected communications. Getting past the standard "don't worry about it" answers and finding common ground to connect in a meaningful way is not as hard as you think and this free resource will show you how."

- Laura Hackel, Mom Empowerment Coach and Healer

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